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Do you have a question regarding how to use the Xclaim marketplace or need help finding your claim? Use our support resources below.
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What is the cost to use Xclaim?

We firmly believe that every claim holder should be entitled to recover the highest possible amount on their claim. That is why we charge zero fees to claim holders to register, list, sell, or transfer claims or to access resources on the Xclaim Marketplace.

Will a Buyer definitely purchase my claim?

While we focus on cases with existing buyer interest, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an offer or that a buyer will agree to purchase your claim. Interest in claims is highly dependent on individual claim attributes.

Is Xclaim a buyer or broker of claims?

Xclaim operates the Xclaim Marketplace and related services but does not buy claims for its own account. Xclaim acts as a broker for larger, complex claims on a case by case basis.  Independent affiliates of Xclaim may purchase claims or identify claims for purchase as a service on behalf of registered buyers.