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After I have sold my claim, do I need to inform the court and/or the claims agent?

When you transact through the Xclaim Marketplace, Xclaim takes the hassle out of trading. We handle all required filings so you can quickly move on with your business. As soon as a trade closes, Xclaim submits all necessary documentation to the Court.

At What Point Are Parties Obligated to Complete a Trade?

Bids made by buyers are non-binding and subject to a 48 hour diligence period and standard contract terms. Once a buyer agrees to proceed with a claim purchase and provides any proposed contract modifications, Xclaim will notify the claim holder of the proposed deal terms. If the claim holder accepts the proposed terms, a binding trade confirmation is created and the parties become obligated to act in good faith to complete the trade.

Can I authorize Multiple team Members to review and Bid on claims?

Simply reach out to Xclaim Trade support and we'll help onboard other authorized users from your organization.

How can I track the status of my bids?

Xclaim will immediately notify you of any response from a creditor. All trading activity can also be viewed in your private activity logs.

How do I know if a buyer is legitimate and that marketplace transactions are secure?

We independently verify each capital provider before they are registered to access and purchase claims using the Xclaim Marketplace. Using the latest technologies, we ensure a safe environment that protects your data and payment information.

How do I register to Buy Claims?

Easy. Request access to the Marketplace and we will schedule a conversation to get you started in no time.

How long does it take to purchase a claim?

We are able to fully settle a claim transfer in less than a minute from the time both parties have signed the transfer agreement. Through integrations with the bankruptcy court and claims agents we handle all of the administrative work of noticing the court and getting the claims register updated.

How long will it take to Trade my claim?

The level of interest in your claim may vary based on the attributes of your claim and as the status and timeline of the bankruptcy case. Uploading accurate and complete supporting documents can help expedite Xclaim's ability to find you a buyer faster.

How much can I expect to receive for my claim through Xclaim?

Xclaim works with more registered claim buyers than any other broker or marketplace to find you the best price in the market for your claim at any given time. Market pricing will vary based on the attributes and size of your claim.

Is Xclaim a buyer or broker of claims?

Xclaim operates the Xclaim Marketplace and related services but is neither a buyer nor broker of claims. Independent affiliates of Xclaim may purchase or broker claims as a service on behalf of registered buyers.

Is any claim really available in the Marketplace?

Although the Xclaim Marketplace does not include secured claims, we have over a million priority, administrative, 503b9 and general unsecured claims available for trading.

What is the cost to use Xclaim?

We firmly believe that every claim holder should be entitled to recover the highest possible amount on their claim. That is why we charge zero fees to claim holders to register, list, sell, or transfer claims or to access resources on the Xclaim Marketplace.

Will a Buyer definitely purchase my claim?

While we focus on cases with existing buyer interest, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an offer or that a buyer will agree to purchase your claim. Interest in claims is highly dependent on individual claim attributes.

how does the company earn money?

Buyers pay us a small fee when they purchase a claim on the Xclaim Marketplace.

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