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Founded in 2018, Xclaim has transformed the market for bankruptcy claims. We have helped more than 10,000 creditors manage more than $750 million of claims through an open and efficient marketplace that ensures a fair trading experience for all.
“The market for bankruptcy claims is transforming out of necessity. We are on the brink of a monumental shift that will bring opportunity and value to all participants.”
Matt Sedigh, Xclaim Founder & CEO
Revolutionizing the $1 trillion market for bankruptcy claims by centralizing access for the largest group of buyers and sellers ever.

Xclaim delivers technology and automation solutions to a market for bankruptcy claims that is plagued by inefficiency and information asymmetry. Today, as millions of crypto account holders have become creditors of bankrupt exchanges, Xclaim is helping to unlock the value in their accounts through open-market trading.

Our centralized, digital marketplace of claims, coupled with other tools and resources, allows crypto traders and investors to seamlessly connect with capital and cash out of their frozen accounts. Rather than waiting years to recover funds from the bankruptcy court, account holders receive immediate liquidity from interested buyers. 

Our Vision: An efficient market for all participants to make rapid, informed trading decisions with conviction.

Xclaim’s team of engineers, data scientists, designers and financial, legal and bankruptcy experts is building a future for claim and crypto traders to transact fairly and freely.

Our leadership.

Matt Sedigh
Matt Sedigh
Founder & CEO
Andrew Glantz
Andrew Glantz
Chief Strategy Officer

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Dare to transform an industry? Do you geek out about arcane systems? Then join our eclectic team as we build the tools and systems to unlock a more transparent, efficient and equitable market for all participants — including the uninitiated.

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