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Claim Sold on 04/12/21

“I was very impressed by the Xclaim experience if I ever have another claim to sell I will definitely use your service”

Claim Sold on 03/19/21

"Very easy and fast"

Claim Sold on 03/15/21

"Simple to use and fast payment"

Claim Sold on 02/02/21

“The buyer sent the bid, and I accepted. The paperwork got signed electronically and 2 days later the money was wired to our account. It was a very convenient process"

Claim Sold on 12/21/20

“I told my colleagues that I signed up on Xclaim and that it doesn't hurt to give it a try”

Claim Sold on 12/14/20

“It took about 15 minutes from start to finish after waiting 9 months.”

Claim Sold on 12/07/20

“Your email made it really easy to proceed. The process was pretty straight forward from the start, we did receive a few other competing offers but Xclaim offered the best rate”

Claim Sold on 11/13/20

"Professional and timely as well as payment"

Claim Sold on 10/27/21

“It took about a week from when my claim was posted to receiving an offer. And I got an offer that I felt was very fair.”

Bankruptcy is complex. Getting paid doesn't have to be.

Start fielding offers for your claim today instead of waiting years for the debtor to pay. Here's how it works:

1. List your claims

Multiple buyers can make offers
for your claim on the marketplace

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2. Receive and negotiate offers

Communicate with buyers in real-time
to maximize your return

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3. Review and sign contracts digitally

Accept and close an offer in seconds seamlessly using standardized contracts

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4. Receive payments securely

The court and agent are notified while payment is transferred directly to your bank with no fees

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When buyers compete, you benefit.

Recover More

Don’t settle for the first offer.  Our capital providers understand the value of your claim and are willing to pay a fair price based on anticipated time to recovery and the nature of your claim

Recover Faster

The average bankruptcy takes more than two years to resolve.  Bypass the wait by indicating your interest in selling to our buyer network. Received an offer? Accept in just a few clicks.

Transact Digitally

Negotiation, contracts and payments on one intuitive online platform. Manage it all from your centralized dashboard. Trade with confidence with our support team here to help you resolve any trading issues.

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