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Collect Defaulted Receivables.

XCLAIM provides the easiest way to convert bankruptcy claims to immediate cash. No fees, friction, or fine print.

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Recover bad debts today.

A corporate bankruptcy is a long and complex process that can take several years before payments are made to creditors. XCLAIM gets you paid faster.

Investors will pay cash for your claim. Let them take those risks off your hands.

Never miss an important update.

Keep up to date with the latest court proceedings in your bankruptcy cases. Consolidate information from multiple claims agents and receive instant notifications. Follow your claims through the Chapter 11 process to maintain visibility into the status of your recovery.


Explore opportunities to settle out-of-court.

Connect with verified, institutional bankruptcy claim buyers to explore potential offers and settlement pricing. Having a centralized platform gives you more price transparency, better market efficiencies, and increased competition for your claims. Gone are the days of separate conversations, negotiations, and contacts.


Get paid on your terms.

You’re in the driver’s seat of what claims you want to sell, when, and for how much. After offer acceptance, the closing process is the easiest part. Made simple by digital automation, you can seamlessly sign documents and get paid securely.

bankruptcy claims marketplace

Let Investors Compete to Buy Your Claim.

Increase the liquidity potential of your claims with more buyers and more competition in one
Marketplace. We verify every institutional buyer entity before they can access the platform to purchase claims.

Sell your bankruptcy claims in return for cash.

Expedite your recovery and avoid the risk of illiquidity. Instead of waiting years for your bankruptcy case
to resolve, you could settle your claims for cash payment in days on the XCLAIM Marketplace.

List your claims.

Upon signing up, we locate and list your claims automatically in the XCLAIM Marketplace—giving your claims visibility to interested Buyers and allowing them to initiate settlement offers to purchase your claims.

List your claims

Receive and negotiate offers.

Connect with multiple Buyers to request offers directly and have them compete on price. Compare your offers and be notified of changes in real-time. Achieve your settlement objectives whether you’re ready to accept or you’re keen on negotiating for more.

Receive and negotiate offers

Review and sign contracts digitally.

After accepting an offer, the closing process is quick and seamless with standardized agreements and digital signatures. Simply sign in seconds to execute the terms of your transaction.

Review and sign contracts digitally

Receive payments securely.

Don’t lift a finger. Just relax while we automatically notify the court and claims agent of the transfer in claim ownership. In parallel, payment from your Buyer is securely processed and directly transferred to your linked bank account, without hassle and without fees.

Receive payments securely

Benefits of XCLAIM

Stay Informed.

Track your portfolio of claims and stay informed of your cases. All in one place.

Connect with Buyers.

Explore out-of-court settlement opportunities to liquidate your claims.

Maximize Recovery.

Centralize access to Buyer competition with controls to negotiate.

Settle Claims Fast.

Liquidate your claim ownership in a few clicks.

Easy Settlement.

Digital transfers and immediate payment.

Risk Mitigation.

Secured payments and reduced uncertainty.

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Customer Success Stories

Every claim is unique, and every creditor has a story. We only succeed when you do.
That’s why thousands of businesses trust XCLAIM to maximize their recovery.
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Turn your loss into a win.

Start your journey of recovery today.