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What are the useful documents related to the bankruptcy case I am involved with?

Category: Bankruptcy 101

Bar Date (Deadline to file Claims) - The specific date set by the Court for which any particular Claim must be filed by. Failure to file your Claim by the Bar date could result in the Claim being rendered invalid.

General Bar Date - The specific date set by the Court for any person or entity that is not a governmental unit to file Proofs of Claims.

Government Bar Date - The specific date set by the court for governmental units to file Proofs of Claims.

List of Debtors - The list of debtors associated with the parent debtor (not excluded from the list) in the bankruptcy case. This list is generally found on the bankruptcy case home page/background information section.

Plan of Reorganization - The Plan of Reorganization will include many important pieces of information such as the summary of the reorganization plan, the description and value of the debtor's assets, and more. Most importantly, it will include the description of the claims and liabilities and how they will be treated in the plan.
Disclosure Statement - The Disclosure Statement is document containing information about the debtor's assets, liabilities, and general business affairs relating to the Plan of Reorg. The purpose of this document is to provide the creditors with sufficient information to make an informed decision on the Plan of Reorganization.

Restructuring Support Agreement (Plan Support Agreement) - An agreement between creditors, and sometimes the debtor, outlining agreed upon terms of the restructuring plan. Used to provide structure for pre-packaged/pre-negotiated bankruptcies and set forth terms agreed upon by significant creditors. These are growing more common as companies move towards faster and more efficient bankruptcies.

Schedule of Assets and Liabilities - The Debtor's Schedule will list all of the Debtor's liabilities. These are not limited to secured creditors, unsecured creditors, unsecured debts, unfulfilled contracts, and more. A creditor with a claim listed on the Schedule would imply that the Debtor has recognized their Claim.