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Claim Documentation Guide

Category: Sell a Claim

Why am I being asked to provide additional documentation for my claim?

When a Proof of Claim has insufficient documentation or is not well substantiated by the creditor, Buyers may take longer to complete the transaction, cancel the trade, or even retract their purchase offer altogether. In order to expedite the trade and ensure the transaction is able to complete, it is highly recommended that you provide additional supporting documents for your claim.

What are Buyers looking for in the additional documentation?

While every Buyer and transaction may have different documentation needs, documents that can accurately and clearly highlight your name, your company's name, relevant dates, $ amounts, balance owed by the debtor, basis of your claim, terms and conditions in breach, etc. are generally the best to substantiate your claim.

Documentation Examples

Examples of supporting documents include (but are not limited to): invoices, purchase orders, promissory notes, contracts, loan agreements, detailed or itemized statements, delivery receipts, security agreements, lease rental agreements, monthly statements, pay records, ledgers, and/or judgments.

Do's: Tips for uploading supporting documents

1. filename

2. file size

3. high-quality scans

4. clearly legible

5. file types

Don'ts: Things to avoid when uploading supporting documents