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Why are there no claims associated with my account?

Category: Sell a Claim

First, note that claims are associated with the email address on the Proof of Claim form. Which is typically the person who filed it. It may be you, your lawyer, or someone at your company.

You used the wrong email address.

If you filed the claim but used a different email address to register with XCLAIM your claims won't show up. You can:

  • Fill out this form.
  • If you don't want to re-register, email from the email address associated with the claim. Request that they add the claim(s) to your existing account.

If you need to access the claims ASAP:

  • Find the email address associated with your claim. You can view your claim if you follow these steps to find your claims agent, then search for your claim.
  • Once you've opened your claim scroll to Part 3 of the form, the section where you or the filer signed. The email should be at the bottom. Note: It is possible that section 1 has a different email. Keep in mind that the signer's email in Part 3 is the email associated with the claim.
  • At this point you can re-register with the email on the claim form (XCLAIM will verify that you have access to the inbox during registration).

Someone else at your company filed the claim.

Please ask the filer of the claim to email requesting access for your account. Be sure that they use the email address on the Proof of Claim!

If they don't work at your company anymore contact and explain the situation.

Your case isn't listed on XCLAIM.

If your case isn't listed on XCLAIM your claim is ineligible to trade. If you received an email from XCLAIM prior to registering, this section does not apply to you.