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Overview of XCLAIM Marketplace

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The XCLAIM Marketplace is the global source for buying and selling bankruptcy Claims. We built it to connect Buyers with Creditors to transact transparently and maximize returns for all participants. The XCLAIM Marketplace enables its participants to buy and sell bankruptcy Claims directly from one another at unparalleled scale and efficiency. XCLAIM Inc. neither brokers nor takes a position on any bankruptcy Claim that is listed on the Marketplace.

How It Works

  1. Buyers search the Marketplace for bankruptcy cases they're interested in
  2. Buyers find bankruptcy Claims they're interested in acquiring
  3. Buyers place bid(s) on Claim(s), initiating offer(s) to Creditors
  4. Creditors receive the offer(s) for their Claim(s)
  5. Buyers and Creditors can choose to negotiate offers
  6. Both parties agree to an offer for a Claim
  7. Both parties sign a contract (Transfer of Claim Agreement)
  8. Payment information for the Claim is exchanged
  9. The Claim is legally transferred to the Buyer and updated in the bankruptcy Court register
  10. The Creditor receives payment from the Buyer

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