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How do I find out who the Claims Agent is for my case?

Category: Bankruptcy 101

If you are unsure who the Claims Agent is for a specific bankruptcy case, the easiest way to locate that information is by doing a web search for the name of the debtor (the bankrupt company) and "Claims Agent".

You might want to view your claim on the agent's site. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Go to claims/claims search (sometimes called claims docket, not to be confused with the court docket) and search the creditor name, it could be your company name, your name, etc. Select your claim and look for a pdf button or a number/name with a hyperlink.
  2. Once you've opened your claim scroll to Part 3 of the form, the section where you or the filer signed. The email should be at the bottom. Note: It is possible that section 1 has a different email. Keep in mind that the signer's email in Part 3 is the email associated with the claim.