How to Sell Your FTX Customer Claim

To sell your FTX customer claim you will be required to provide:

-   evidence of your ownership of the claim and verified KYC status

-   evidence of your FTX account holdings and history

What evidence is needed for my FTX claim?


  1. The email you received from FTX/Kroll in March 2023 including your Unique Customer Code and account holdings.
  2. Your customer claim form (in .pdf format) from the FTX Claims Portal (sent to your email).
  3. Screenshot of your account holdings in the FTX Claims Portal (showing your username).
  4. Screenshot of KYC status in the FTX Claims Portal (showing your username) (please click into KYC section #3 to show your verification status, and whether all components are completed).
  5. Downloads of Balances, Deposits, and Withdrawals (in .csv format) from the FTX Claims Portal.
  6. Copy of any proof of claim filed (if applicable).
  7. Details about any specific preferred transaction parameters or requirements in connection with selling your claim.

Note: Depending on Xclaim's review of items 1-7, Xclaim may request additional Claim Support Information including but not limited to:

• Copies of other documents evidencing the nature of your claim, such as terms of use or loan documents.

• Third-party data, internal records or other correspondence available to support your claim amount and account transaction history.

• Information related to potential claim impairments.

• Documents showing source of funds for original FTX account opening.

• Documents to verify KYC.

Get Organized

Gather as much information as possible about your claim up front and include it in your claim listing so buyers can get comfortable that you have a valid claim.

Get Creative

If you don't have your basic account statement or a report of your transactions, consider other documents and communications that could support your claim, such as email confirmations and third-party records.

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