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Xclaim is the leading clearinghouse for bankruptcy claims. We serve claim holders in the most actively traded cases — including lenders, note holders, trade creditors, and litigation claimants. We provide sophisticated tools and services to ensure a seamless experience for claim management, price discovery and immediate liquidity.
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Our mission is to:
  • Inform your decision-making with trusted market data
  • Deliver better pricing and terms through buyer competition and exclusive supply
  • Optimize for your unique business objectives through creative deal structuring
  • Empower all market participants to transact with confidence
Finding value for our clients in the largest and most complex cases
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"Xclaim can help you understand your options, and have a course-of-action for your claim."
Institutional Seller, United States
"They just did what they said they were going to do. Any slight concerns? They responded super quick and seemed to be able to deliver on their promise, which is all we want."
Institutional Seller, China
"Xclaim offered me options for liquidity. The process was smooth and simple."
Institutional Seller, Italy
Representative Trades
Sale of participation interests in claim held by trustee for fraudulently stolen assets in a Japanese insolvency proceeding
Sale of disputed contract rejection claim held by California-based e-sports company. Xclaim designed and executed a marketing campaign and auction that resulted in a sale price that exceeded the present value of the pre-petition contract.
Sale of secured loan claim to a strategic buyer identified by Xclaim that resulted in successful acquisition of the debtor by credit bid.
Sale of crypto loan claims held by Korean exchange. Xclaim facilitated a competitive auction and carefully orchestrated claim sale to minimize closing risk amidst sensitive CEO turnover and satisfy seller's requirement to receive $23M purchase price in Bitcoin.
Sale of portfolio of customer claims held by high net worth individuals. Xclaim ran a rapid auction process, obtaining a premium for smaller sellers by pooling their claims.
Sale of contingent unsecured claim held by public figure. Xclaim negotiated a private transaction that provided immediate cash plus litigation support and substantial upside to the seller.

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