Get back more without the hassle.

Trade uncertainty and delays for cash in your pocket.

Still waiting for that last paycheck? Have a litigation claim on hold? Received a bounced check from your employer? It's time to get smart about the bankruptcy process and discover what your claim is worth. Explore your options today to recover more money faster on the Xclaim Marketplace.

No fees, friction or fine print.

How the Xclaim Marketplace works for individuals.

Manage claims

We automatically pull data for filed and scheduled claims from public sources.

After verifying your client’s claim details and documentation, you can monitor claim status and get alerts about trading activity relevant to your client’s case.

Test the market

Help your client understand what their claim is worth. Access insights on historical recoveries, market activity and the debtor’s prospects.

Indicate your client’s interest in selling to our network of capital providers and start evaluating bids.

Compare offers from verified buyers and be sure that you've obtained the best possible price and terms for your client.

Transact entirely online

Accept, counter or reject bids and manage negotiations from offer to close all from a single, easy-to-use portal.

Enjoy fast, straightforward contracting–most buyers use our standardized, plain-English contract, but we’ll flag when that’s not the case so you can get involved.

Zero transaction fees for claim holders.

Offload the administrative work

Submit your client’s payment instructions securely. Funds delivered directly to your client’s bank account upon closing.

Free trade support and dispute resolution services if any issues arise post-closing.

Verify your claim

Your claim is already on our marketplace, pulled automatically from public records.  Filing errors do happen, so it's best to confirm your information. That way, you'll never miss a bid.

We can also help you identify and upload documentation that could increase your recovery.

Explore your options

Learn about the bankruptcy process and get smart on how you can get paid faster.

Assess your risk profile and view market activity to see if other claims in your case are trading.

Connect with other claim holders to share your story, get tips and monitor case developments.

Test the market

Indicate your interest in selling your claim to our network of capital providers.

Compare offers and be sure you've obtained the best possible price and terms.

Sell your claim

Accept or negotiate offers from your claim dashboard.

We automate all court filings and update you each step of the way.

Get paid securely

Send wire instructions securely and we’ll make sure the buyer delivers funds directly to your account immediately upon closing.

We automatically handle all court filings required to sell your claim — seriously, no paperwork.

We have your back — free trade support and dispute resolution services.

See how others have resolved their claims on the Xclaim Marketplace.

A couple of catalysts got us to think about selling our claim. One was just year end, we clean up our A/R and A/P anyway. So maybe we clean this up and don’t have this extra receivable just sit around.


This was only my second bankruptcy claims trading experience...but I can definitely say it certainly was a breeze.


You’ve heard you can sell your claim, but you have questions.

How do I know I’m getting a fair price?
Will I recover anything meaningful in the end?
How long will all of this take?
Is this headache even worth my time?

We help you confidently navigate the claim recovery process so you can choose your best path forward.

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When buyers compete, you benefit.

Recover faster

The average bankruptcy takes over 2 years to resolve.  Bypass the wait by indicating your interest in selling your claim to our verified network of capital providers.

Transact digitally

Say goodbye to paper contracts and scanned signatures. Negotiations, contracts and payments all on our easy-to-use online platform. Manage the entire process from your centralized dashboard.

Recover more

Don’t settle for the first offer that comes your way. Xclaim buyers understand the nature and value of your claim and are willing to pay a fair price based on the case and anticipated recovery time.

Trade with confidence

When you sell through Xclaim, we have your back. We verify every buyer in our network and help resolve any trading issues or disputes so you can focus on getting paid and getting back to your business.

Eliminate uncertainty

Cases can easily get derailed by creditor disputes and other events out of your control. Avoid the unexpected when you sell your claim for cash.

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Start learning about your options today.


Will a Buyer definitely purchase my claim?

Xclaim operates a marketplace of unpaid receivables, litigation claims and other bad debts against companies in bankruptcy to enable claim holders like yourself to circumvent the bankruptcy process and move on faster. On the Xclaim Marketplace, claim holders can connect with verified buyers and selectively sell their claim to the highest bidder. We cannot guarantee that by registering for an account with Xclaim or indicating interest in selling your claim you will receive an offer or that a capital provider will agree to purchase your claim. But, as a registered claim holder, you'll access to the largest network of verified buyers and retain complete control over whether and when to trade your claim—and over the terms of any transaction.

How much can I expect to receive for my claim if I sell it on Xclaim?

It depends. Registered buyers will conduct independent diligence on the value of the debtor's estate available for distribution and other factors that impact the recovery prospects for your claim. If you receive an offer to purchase your claim from a buyer, you have the right to counter, reject or accept that offer. By registering and creating an account with Xclaim, you can boost the visibility of your claim to attract more buyer competition, which typically results in a higher, quicker payout for claim holders.

How do I know if a buyer is legitimate and that marketplace transactions are secure?

We independently verify each capital provider before they are registered to access and purchase claims using the Xclaim Marketplace. Using the latest technologies, we ensure a safe environment that protects your data and payment information.