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There’s more to your bankruptcy claim than dollars and cents--you delivered real value. Xclaim can help you take control of what you're owed and chart a course of action that makes sense for your business.

Whether you decide to sell your claim on the Xclaim Marketplace, or simply find value in our educational resources, Xclaim only succeeds when you do. That's why thousands of claim holders rely on us to navigate the bankruptcy process and manage the risk of nonpayment.

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See how other businesses have resolved their claims on the Xclaim Marketplace.


A Simple, Stress-Free Payout

Marisa resolves her debt collection stress by selling her company's claim.


Quick Cash Recovery to Fund Operations

Angelica easily liquidates her claim at the best price to fund company operations.


Platform Convenience for Resolving Our Clients' Claims

Peter discovers a valuable platform that will transform his legal practice.


Moving On: How I Sold my Debt

Jayson negotiates a higher settlement price with minimal effort to get paid on his claim.


How I Cut my Losses by Creating Competition for my Claim

Joseph leverages competition and negotiation tact to minimize his losses.


Scarred by the Past, We Chose Certainty and Sure Cash

Abel settles his claim with certainty by maximizing market competition.

Business Owner & Radio Producer

Turning Unexpected Bumps into a Breeze

Darren quickly sells his claim in just 3 days so he could focus back on business.

Benefits of XCLAIM

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Stay Informed

Track your portfolio of claims and stay informed of your cases

Connect with Buyers

Explore out-of-court settlement opportunities to liquidate your claims

Maximize Recovery

Centralize access to Buyer competition with controls to negotiate

Court Integration

Liquidate your claim ownership in a few clicks

Easy Settlement

Digital contracts and seamless court transfers to close in seconds

Risk Mitigation

Secured payment and reduced uncertainty