Claim Advance Program (CAP) for FTX claim holders

Don’t want to sell your claim? You can still access cash today!

The CAP provides an advance on your future claim distributions in cash or stablecoin.
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FTX claims are likely to recover 100% or more of November 2022 account balances...eventually. What could you do with that cash today?

The CAP provides an advance for up to 70% of your claim today, not eventually.

Get cash today and keep the upside in your claim distributions.

Get an advance on your future claim distributions in cash or stablecoin.

maximum advance [1]
minimum advance
interest [2]
Retain 100% of claim value and all upside after repayment.
2.1% upfront fee [1] and a 0.5% annual servicing fee [2]
All advances and distributions available in USD or stablecoin. No restrictions on use of funds.
[1] on Claim Amount, net of any clawback liability.
[2] on amount advanced.

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When can I receive the advance?
Following a standard review of your claim, advances will be issued within 10 business days.
When do I need to repay the advance?
You may repay the advance at any time. Early repayment may incur fees. Distributions received from FTX will first be used to satisfy any outstanding amounts related to an advance. 100% of distributions from FTX will be for the benefit of the CAP participant after outstanding amounts are satisfied.
Do I qualify?
Claims as low as $215,000 may qualify. Contact us to find out more.
Is there a deadline to apply?
Advances are available on a first-come first serve basis.
Can I receive multiple advances?
Yes, subject to the maximum 70% advance rate.
How do I receive distributions from FTX once I repay my advance?
Xclaim (or its servicer) will remit 100% of FTX distributions to Claim Advance Program participants upon all outstanding amounts related to an advance are satisfied. Participants may receive distributions in cash or stablecoin.
Must I take an advance if I join the Claim Advance Program?
No. Participants are under no obligation to take an advance. However, there is an upfront fee for joining the program and participants must transfer their claims to be managed by Xclaim (or its servicer).
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