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The XCLAIM Marketplace connects Creditors with Verified Buyers. We're committed to guiding you through the process and protecting every claim you sell.






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Have Buyers Compete for Your Claim

No Fees. No Fine Print. No Waiting.

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Step 1: Receive Offer(s)

Manage all your Offers in one place

Your Claim is automatically listed in the Marketplace—allowing interested Buyers to place their offers. See your offers in real-time and be notified of any changes. 

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Step 2: Accept an Offer

Review & Sign Contracts digitally

Only Verified Buyers can access the Marketplace. After accepting an offer, the closing process is secure and easy with standardized agreements and digital signatures.

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Step 3: Get Paid

Payments Securely Transferred

The XCLAIM Marketplace automatically updates relevant legal authorities that a trade has occurred and securely transfers funds from the Buyer to you, hassle-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might be new to bankruptcy claims trading. We get it. Here are some common questions frequently asked by our first time sellers.

Is it really free to sell on XCLAIM?

Yes! Selling on the XCLAIM Marketplace is free. No fees and no fine print.

Is XCLAIM offering to purchase my Claim?

XCLAIM is not a Buyer or Broker of Bankruptcy Claims. We are an online Marketplace that allows you to list your Claim and connect with Verified Buyers interested in purchasing Bankruptcy Claims. As the only centralized Marketplace for digital Bankruptcy Claims Trading, you have the opportunity to let interested Buyers compete and bid on your Claim.

How long will it take to sell my Claim?

It depends. While some Creditors are able to sell within a couple of days, each Claim is unique. The timing of Buyer interest in your Claim also depends on the status and timeline of the Case in which your Claim is filed.

How do I get the best price for my Claim?

Buyers take many factors into consideration when determining an offer price.  One thing that Sellers can do to maximize price is provide all supporting documents, including invoices, bills, receipts, and other records, that verify the Claim's value.

Is this really the easiest way to sell my Claim?

The bankruptcy process is both costly and time-consuming. The XCLAIM Marketplace is purpose-built as a fully digital experience for the sale of bankruptcy claims. Our secure and transparent platform simplifies the process for Sellers by avoiding the risks of delayed recovery and market volatility.  

What is the advantage of using the XCLAIM Marketplace to sell my Claim rather than the traditional process?

Traditionally, Creditors seeking to sell a Claim would have to proactively research and reach out to potential Buyers with no guarantee that they would ever hear back. XCLAIM is the only Marketplace that automatically lists your Claim and gives it exposure to an array of Verified Buyers specifically seeking to purchase Claims. Our Verified Buyers are formally vetted for integrity, professionalism, and transparency.

How do I know that my Buyer is legitimate and that the Claim sale will be secure?

We only allow Verified Buyers to join our Marketplace and access our platform. Using the latest technologies, we ensure a safe environment that protects your data and securely processes payments. 

I want to increase the number of Offers I receive. How do I do that?

The XCLAIM Marketplace was built to connect Sellers with Verified Buyers. While there are many factors that go into receiving Offers, you can increase the visibility of your Claim and attract more Buyers by creating an account at XCLAIM on behalf of you, your company, and relevant team members.

I want my team to review an Offer I received. How do I do that?

Use the Share Link in the Offer page to add your team members' names and email addresses.

How much can I expect to receive for my Claim if I sell it on XCLAIM?

It depends on if your Claim receives any offers from interested Buyers in the Marketplace following their valuation due diligence. As the Claim owner, you have the right to accept, counter, or reject any presented offers. By registering to create a free account, you can increase the visibility of your Claim to attract more competition from Buyers in the Marketplace.

After I have sold my Claim, do I need to inform the Court and/or the Claims Agent about that?

XCLAIM will handle that for you. We will file the necessary documentation with the Court and inform the Claims Agent.

Want to Learn More?

Don’t worry! We are here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have about selling bankruptcy Claims on the XCLAIM Marketplace. We'd love to hear from you, just send us a note.


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