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Claim Sold on 04/12/21

“I was very impressed by the Xclaim experience if I ever have another claim to sell I will definitely use your service”

Claim Sold on 03/19/21

"Very easy and fast"

Claim Sold on 03/15/21

"Simple to use and fast payment"

Claim Sold on 02/02/21

“The buyer sent the bid, and I accepted. The paperwork got signed electronically and 2 days later the money was wired to our account. It was a very convenient process"

Claim Sold on 12/21/20

“I told my colleagues that I signed up on Xclaim and that it doesn't hurt to give it a try”

Claim Sold on 12/14/20

“It took about 15 minutes from start to finish after waiting 9 months.”

Claim Sold on 12/07/20

“Your email made it really easy to proceed. The process was pretty straight forward from the start, we did receive a few other competing offers but Xclaim offered the best rate”

Claim Sold on 11/13/20

"Professional and timely as well as payment"

Claim Sold on 10/27/21

“It took about a week from when my claim was posted to receiving an offer. And I got an offer that I felt was very fair.”


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Get paid sooner with Xclaim Marketplace. Our platform helps you increase the visibility of your claims for settlement. Avoid further losses and uncertainty when you sell your claim for cash you can use today.

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Track your portfolio of claims and stay informed of your cases

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Explore opportunities to liquidate your claims out of court

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Centralize access to buyer competition with controls to negotiate

Recover Faster

Once you have an offer, convert your claim to capital in a few clicks

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Digital contracts and seamless court transfers to close in seconds

Mitigate Risk

Secured payments and reduced uncertainty

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions we receive from claim holders.

Will a Buyer definitely purchase my claim?

Xclaim operates a marketplace of unpaid receivables, litigation claims and other bad debts against companies in bankruptcy to enable claim holders like yourself to circumvent the bankruptcy process and move on faster. On the Xclaim Marketplace, claim holders can connect with verified buyers and selectively sell their claim to the highest bidder. We cannot guarantee that by registering for an account with Xclaim or indicating interest in selling your claim you will receive an offer or that a capital provider will agree to purchase your claim. But, as a registered claim holder, you'll access to the largest network of verified buyers and retain complete control over whether and when to trade your claim—and over the terms of any transaction.

What is the cost to use Xclaim?

We firmly believe that every claim holder should be entitled to recover the highest possible amount on their claim. That is why we charge zero fees to claim holders to register, list, sell, or transfer claims or to access resources on the Xclaim Marketplace.

If Xclaim is free, how does the company earn money?

Capital providers such as financial institutions, investment firms, and hedge funds pay us a fee when they purchase a claim on the Xclaim Marketplace. This is why we can offer our services at no cost to claim holders.

How do I know if a buyer is legitimate and that marketplace transactions are secure?

We independently verify each capital provider before they are registered to access and purchase claims using the Xclaim Marketplace. Using the latest technologies, we ensure a safe environment that protects your data and payment information.

How long will it take to sell my claim?

It depends. While some claim holders receive an offer to sell and close within days, every situation is unique. The timing of interest in your claim depends on macro and micro economic factors as well as the status and timeline of the bankruptcy case in which your claim is filed. By registering with Xclaim, claim holders get access to more options and the best chance at expediting their recovery.

How much can I expect to receive for my claim if I sell it on Xclaim?

It depends. Registered buyers will conduct independent diligence on the value of the debtor's estate available for distribution and other factors that impact the recovery prospects for your claim. If you receive an offer to purchase your claim from a buyer, you have the right to counter,  reject or accept that offer. By registering and creating an account with Xclaim, you can boost the visibility of your claim to attract more buyer competition, which typically results in a higher, quicker payout for claim holders.

After I have sold my claim, do I need to inform the court and/or the claims agent?

When you transact through the Xclaim Marketplace, Xclaim takes the hassle out of trading. We handle all required filings so you can quickly move on with your business. As soon as a trade closes, Xclaim automatically submits the necessary documentation to the court and informs the claims agent in the relevant bankruptcy case.

Is Xclaim a buyer or broker of claims?

Xclaim operates the Xclaim Marketplace and related services but is neither a buyer nor broker of claims. Independent affiliates of Xclaim may purchase claims or broker claims for clients that wish to remain anonymous.