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Product Update:
Claim Calculator

Understanding the current market value of a bankruptcy claim in today’s market can be challenging and lead to unrealistic expectations for buyers and sellers of claims, preventing sales and wasting time for all parties involved. Because of that, we created the first Claim Calculator to help creditors, investors and advisors compute an estimated current claim value based on the debtor’s expected recovery and current market conditions.

Uncovering the Current Market Value of a Claim >>

Claims Trading Report

The Bankruptcy Claims Trading Report by Xclaim is a bi-monthly newsletter designed to equip investors and advisors with the latest insights from the bankruptcy claims trading market - so you can beat the market and never miss an opportunity.

Every two weeks, you will receive a run-down of the up-to-date news around the bankruptcy market and unique access into bankruptcy claims trading insights that Xclaim has.

Find your next trade and unique expanded datasets. >>

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