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Market data (last 30 days)

Total market volume
Most Active Cases
LATAM Airlines Group S.A.
Escada America, LLC
Monaco Coach Corporation (n/k/a MCC)
PG&E Corporation (2019)
New England Motor Freight, Inc.
Active buyers
Most Active Buyers
red pines llc
barclays bank plc
mcp iii finco master llctd
citigroup financial products inc
cowen special investments llc
Active cases
Newly Active Cases
Gold Standard Baking, LLC, et al.
Northwest Senior Housing Corporation (d/b/a Edgemere)
Enjoy Technology, Inc.
Corsicana Bedding, LLC
Armstrong Flooring, Inc.

*Xclaim sources and aggregates claims trading market data from public sources and in partnership with Chapter 11 Dockets.