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How much is your claim worth today?

Instantly generate a present value of your claim and make more informed choices when considering selling your claim.

Uncovering the Current Market Value of a Claim

Understanding the current market value of a bankruptcy claim in today’s market can be challenging and lead to unrealistic expectations for buyers and sellers of claims, preventing sales and wasting time for all parties involved. Because of that, we created the first Claim Calculator to help creditors, investors and advisors compute an estimated current claim value based on the debtor’s expected recovery and current market conditions. 

Should you sell now or hold? The claim calculator can help you with that.

The claim calculator generates a present value of the claim by taking into account multiple factors such as today’s cost of capital and the average duration of bankruptcy cases. By estimating the current value of your claim today, you will be able to make more informed choices when considering whether to sell your claim for cash today, or continue to wait for the court process to conclude. Try the claim calculator below. Want to see the current status of your claim? Login to Xclaim to view or list your claim HERE.

For Creditors

By understanding the likely value of a claim in today’s dollars, creditors can make better decisions about selling their claim for a guaranteed amount today, or decide to continue to hold in anticipation of the value appreciation over time.

For Investors

Negotiations with creditors who have reasonable expectations are more likely to be resolved quickly and more likely to lead to a successful purchase of the creditors’ claim. No more wasting time negotiating with creditors with unreasonable recovery expectations.

WEBINAR >>> Claim Value Xplanation: To sell or to hold? 
September 29th, 1:00PM ET

Bankruptcy can be confusing. So can figuring out the value of your in today’s market. Xclaim's Andrew Glantz will discuss various risk factors that impact claim recovery, available liquidity options for creditors, and key considerations for assessing your claim's value/

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