Claim Information

Clawback Exposure

New Value Defense: Deposits made by a customer after August 13, 2022 are available to be used to offset any withdrawals that occurred after August 13, 2022 but prior to the deposit. To the extent an available deposit exceeds the value of earlier withdrawals, the clawback risk is reduced to zero. Any excess deposits are not available for subsequent withdrawals. The analysis will begin again until November 11, 2022 to determine total remaining clawback exposure.

Claim Recovery Expectations

FIGHT TOGETHER    -    CDF Defeats
Settlement Payment$600,000($0 - $600,000)($450,000)($300,000)Cell-
Net Cash Recovery$200,000$200,000 - $800,000$350,000$500,000$650,000$800,000
Less: Legal FeesN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Net Recovery Distribution$200,000$200,000 - $800,000$350,000$500,000$650,000$800,000
CDF Priority RecoveryN/AN/A$350,000$500,000$650,000$800,000
CDF Success FeeN/AN/A$350,000$500,000$650,000$800,000
Adjusted Net Recovery $$200,000$200,000 - $800,000$350,000$500,000$650,000$800,000
Adjusted Net Recovery %$200,000$200,000 - $800,000$350,000$500,000$650,000$800,000
CDF Assumptions
  • Equal to 33% of Net Recovery Distribution after reimbursement for actual legal and closing costs, estimated at 1.5% of Original Claim Amount.
  • Assuming the actual settlement is at least 20% less than the initial settlement offered by FTX (“Settlement Improvement”), of the remaining Net Recovery Distribution, an amount equal to 20% multiplied by the percentage of Settlement Improvement.
  • Expressed as a percentage of Gross Claim Value (Original Claim Amount multiplied by the recovery percentage for claims without clawback exposure.
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