Testimonial: Emiliano, Mexico | Case: FTX

Testimonial: Emiliano, Mexico | Case: FTX

Testimonial: Emiliano, Mexico| Case: FTX

When FTX filed for bankruptcy, the first thing Emiliano did was acquire as much information as he could about bankruptcy and what the process will be like.

Because FTX was established in the Bahamas and how complex it was, that it might be like Mt. Gox and it would be years before he recovered anything. 

I decided to sell my claim first of all because of the current situation that I was seeing and reading on Twitter. I thought it might be seven, eight years and I preferred now. And that it's a burn market to just take that, make better investments, and maybe with the next bull run, I can recover myself versus waiting and not knowing how much you’ll get and when you’ll get it. That was the trade off.” - Emiliano

After getting some support from lawyers to understand his situation, he then found out about the option to sell his claim and realized that by doing so, he would have more options to control his assets like continue trading, invest in bonds or invest in a broad market index fund, and more.

“I have me taking control of my assets. That's how I feel now. Xclaim is convenient, reliable and fast. “ - Emiliano

Check out the video to see his full story.